Wheel Remanufacturing

If a wheel is damaged too severely to be repaired on-site, we still can provide you with another alternative. Why replace a badly damaged wheel with a brand new one? New wheels can easily cost upwards of $400 and frequently can run well over $1000 for a factory, dealer or aftermarket replacement. Our remanufacturing solution is the answer. Some wheels need to be stripped down to the bare metal and the original manufacturing method needs to be recreated.

With our process we thoroughly clean the wheel and strip the finish back to bare aluminum. The damage is repaired using state of the art CNC technology and digital profiling. The wheel is cleaned again and prepared for powder priming, painting and clear coating utilizing our paint adhesion technology. Then we powder clear coat and oven-bake the wheel returning the finish to its OEM specifications. Some cracked, severely bent and even broken wheels can still be repaired. These repairs also require welding and machining.

Unfortunately, some wheels are just not safe to repair or are completely destroyed upon impact. Not a problem! Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists has access to over 15,000 OEM wheels at great prices. Our database contains wheels for all makes and models of vehicles. All in-stock wheels are available for immediate shipment direct to your location. Just give us the make, model and wheel description (a picture will help). It's that easy.

Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists will save you a significant amount of time and money with our fast and efficient service. Retail or wholesale service is available.