Wheel Refinishing

Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists provides a professional alloy wheel refinishing service right at your location. One of our 13 professionally trained technicians will visit your location and restore the wheels to like-new condition.

Wheels are placed inside our patent pending Mobile Reconditioning Facility where they are repaired, primed, painted and clear-coated utilizing patent #6,347,444 paint adhesion technology. The paint is color matched for all foreign and domestic cars. We use the same high quality paint products used by the manufacturer. Total time required to repair the average wheel is about one hour. All of our services are 100% guaranteed.

The MRF - World Wide Patent Pending Technology
Alloy wheels are reconditioned in an insulated climate-controlled Mobile Reconditioning Facility.

The 2 Room Work Shop - Most of all alloy wheels can be removed from the vehicle, returned to factory specifications with a like new appearance, and replaced on the vehicle in an average of forty-five (45) minutes to one (1) hour in any weather conditions and without the need for rebalancing. OUR PROCESS MEETS ALL WORLD-WIDE SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS

Metal Reconditioning Room
After the wheel is removed from the vehicle, our state of the art mobile service equipment allows us to break the bead on the tire to optimize our certified repair processes. Our dual capacity workbenches have specially filtered exhaust fans to keep the resurfacing process as dust-free as possible. Each of our mobile units also contain a patent-pending wheel straightener as well as exclusive equipment that allows us to replicate the CNC lathe lines on machined wheels. Safety is paramount and both rooms in our mobile repair facilities either meets or exceeds all international safety standards.

The Paint Room
Our uniquely designed clean room enables us to attain body-shop quality in our refinishing operations. Here the wheels are primed, painted and clear-coated, using our patented paint adhesion process. The finish is then cured, using the latest short-wave technology. Once completed, the wheels are returned to their original appearance and luster. Downdraft paint booths provide the technician with optimum safety and the room meets or exceeds all safety standards for automotive painting.